Voting for Nobody is the fifth short of Season 2 of the Blugrays and the 17th short in the series.

In this short, Joarfol tells Languil who he voted for (if he did at all).

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This comic was released the same day as the comic Real-Life Election Night Special.
  • This short wasn't in the random page list until about half an hour after it came out.
  • This short uses an older style of animation.
  • Unlike the previous short, the credits doesn't mention the 2019 part in Adobe Animate CC 2019. That's because this short was actually finished in June for the most part and finalized the day after Some Trash Talk from Tobaul Frable was released, which was September 7, 2018, a time when that version of the program wasn't out to the public yet, which is why 2019 is missing.
  • This was one of the earliest planned shorts of the series. In fact, this short was actually supposed to be the fourth short overall in the series (after Securomputer), but it wasn't finished on time.
  • This short wasn't immediately put into the Blugrays Short playlist when it was released.
  • This short used a thumbnail YouTube picked for about an hour until the official one was released (even though both are very similar to each other).
  • Nobody Thasbad's name is an obvious pun on "Nobody That's Bad".
  • This short wasn't on the Vimeo account of the Blugrays until three days after it released (technically two days and several hours if the actual time matters). It's also the first short to be uploaded late to the Vimeo account since it was created.


  • When Languil changes his pointing hand into a normal hand in the first scene of this short, the pointing finger jumps to another position in a not-so-smooth manner.

Former GoofEdit

  • When the short succeeding this one was released and was the latest animation, the space between the short number and the "(NEWEST VIDEO!)" text still linked to this short. This was fixed when Short Mix 3 (13-18) came out.