Season 2 of Blugrays premiered on September 6, 2018, with six shorts and six comics.


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  • The first long semester that took place during this season (the Fall 2018 semester) was the first one that had nothing come out from this series the day it began. This is because Lounch, the first Blugrays short from Season 1/overall, came out on the first day of the Fall 2017 semester of the College of Staten Island (and other CUNY schools) while Blugrays Photography Club, the seventh short of that season/overall, was released on the first day of the Spring 2018 semester.
  • This is the first season of the Blugrays to premiere with a short.
  • Dutny and Languil currently have the most amount of appearances in this season so far.
  • The main characters that have yet to appear in Season 2 so far are Celwoge, Dilphan, Tacner (although he was mentioned in a comic (along with that comic's title)), Oslonda, and Lexal.
    • This currently makes Lexal the only main Blugrays student not to appear in Season 2 as of yet.
  • As of this season, backgrounds now have more textures on them. Some had them in the previous season, but they didn't have as much of them. For instance, walls were never texturized last season, but it's different this season.
  • Comics with long panels and/or an odd number of panels have been introduced in this season starting with Tacner's Training.
  • Lensdump is currently the only new image host of Blugrays comics to be introduced in Season 2.

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